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Horrockses dress label returns with retro-style collection at ASOS

Horrockses dress label returns with retro-style collection at ASOS
Horrockses dress label returns with retro-style collection at ASOS

It’s always good to see an old label back on the modern-day high street. Saying that, I don’t think Horrockses retro-style dress collection is on the high street, as it’s an exclusive at online site ASOS. Read more

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1950s apple-patterned notebook from V&A Shop

Joyce apples

This apple-patterned notebook from the V&A Shop is a pretty piece of stationery as it stands and is made more remarkable once you've realised it's adapted from a dress fabric design from the 1950s. 

The pattern is part of the vast archives of the V&A Museum and, in this case, it's drawn from the work of Joyce Badrocke. She was one of the textile designers for Horrockses Fashions, who inspired a range at the V&A shop earlier this year. This design is every bit as fresh and colourful as you'd expect from their dresses and works well on this A5 notebook. 

There's also a smaller notebook available that uses a pattern featuring rabbits, based on one of Badrocke's designs for children.  

The notebook costs £3.25. 

Buy it from the V&A Shop

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Horrockses Fashions’ inspired products at the V&A

Horrockses apron

Vintage clothing connoisseurs will no doubt be aware of Horrockses Fashions. Started in 1946, the company specialised in full-skirted, colourfully-printed dresses. The company will be the subject of an exhibition opening at the Fashion and Textiles Museum, Bermondsey in July but if you can't wait that long you may be interested to learn that some of their bold patterns are being reproduced on products for the V&A

The V&A now holds the archives for Horrockses Fashions and have drawn on some of their textile designs for some Spring inspiration. The company had a long history of working with great textile designers and the V&A's range includes this apron in a Rose pattern that was originally designed by Pat Albeck in 1953. The pattern is also available on a (oh so twenty-first century) tote bag. 

Pat Albeck is actually Emma Bridgewater's mother-in-law (you can see some of her contemporary designs on their website), so perhaps these designs could also offer a little inspiration for this Mother's day? 

The apron costs £15 while the bag costs £10. 

Buy it from the V&A Shop