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1970s-style Detraform Model 500 space age cordless phone


A great design that's inspired by the past, but has everything the modern home telephone needs today – the Detraform Model 500 cordless telephone.

The work of Kiwi and Pim for Detraform, it's a design that might pass for a Joe Colombo piece, certainly fitting into a 1960s or '70s-inspired home with ease. The cordless DECT phone is made of anodised aluminium and polycarbonate, with a digital display that merges nicely into the design, sat just above the integrated keypad of the phone, which stands around 21cm tall.

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eBay watch: 1960s Joe Colombo Elda armchair


You can buy them in the UK, although they're both expensive and incredibly hard to find. So this used version of the iconic Joe Colombo Elda armchair could be worth considering, if you want one in your home.

Amazingly, it sates back to 1963, although it's generally considering a seat of the 70s – perhaps because of its widespread use in sci-fi movies and TV shows of that era.

For your money you get a reinforced ABS plastic swivel seat, with a plush interior of contrasting leather, in this case brown. The current owner has had it for a few years, but describes it as being in 'good condition' with 'a few marks' from age on the shell and obviously, some wear on the leather. £2,300 is the price.

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1960s Arnolfo Di Cambio Smoke glassware by Joe Colombo


We're big fans of the work of Joe Colombo, but here's something a little less obvious, although every bit as eye-catching as his mopper obvious work – the Arnolfo Di Cambio Smoke glassware.

It was described as 'the interpretation of cultivated society's new shape', as seen by Joe Colombo back in 1964. Made from blown crystal, the glasses feature a particular shape that allows them to be held in one hand along with a cigarette – ergonomically designed to be gripped from the base with a single thumb, keeping the other fingers free.

In these days of smoking being less socially acceptable, Smoke is still a great example of 60s space age design, from a man forever associated with it. Not cheap, as you might have guessed, £109 for two glasses.

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1960s Oluce Coupe adjustable floor lamp by Joe Colombo


1960s-style modernism from one of the decade's most-famous designer – the Oluce Couple adjustable floor lamp by Joe Colombo.

Standing tall at 140cm, this 1967 lamp has a chromium-plated stem, while the base and reflector are metal, lacquered in white. Of course, you can move that shade up and down, just where you need the light.

Available online, it sells for £680.

Find out more at the Panik Design website

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Joe Colombo’s Optic Clock

Following on from the Alessi Cronotime Clock mentioned earlier in the week, here is another affordable clock from Alessi, Joe Colombo’s Optic Clock.

This clock was originally designed in 1970and was in production until 2004, returning now after that short break. It is made from ABS plastic and is available in a choice of black or white. Measuring 8cm in all dimensions, it is a neat size for a bedside alarm clock.

It is available to buy from Utility Design priced £38.