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Lady Gaga re-invents the Polaroid camera with the Polaroid GL30


Some of you might know that Lady Gaga is the Creative Director at Polaroid and as such, is in charge of producing products that will grab the world's attention. At the current CES gadget circus, she's just turned up to show off a printer, some bizarre camera glasses and this – the Polaroid GL30.

All the products are under the Grey Label (by Haus of Gaga) banner, but we're not sure when these are going into production, although 'later this year' has been floated as an approximate date for the GL30. It's a modern-day interpretation of the Polaroid camera, keeping a retro look (in this case looking like something out of a 60s sci-fi movie) and still printing out images on-demand, this time with the latest Zink printing system. Only this time, there's a flip-out screen and options to customise your images (filters, borders etc) before you print them out.

See another shot of the camera over the page. It's a head-turner no doubt, even if it's a lot bulkier than the camera on your mobile phone. As soon as we hear news on price and availability, you'll be the first to know. See the Polaroid site for the promo film of the launch too.

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