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Retro Games Compendium at The General Toy Store

With the advent of the summer holidays imminent, this Retro Games Compendium from The General Toy Store is perfect for rediscovering the joys of traditional childhood games.

The set comes in a wooden box with a sliding lid and includes all the old favourites: Jacks, Marbles, Dominoes, Yo-Yo, Pick-up Sticks, Bouncing Balls and a Pack of Playing Cards. A perfect holiday purchase, it could prove invaluable should the weather take a turn for the worse and it might just show the kids that there's more to life than YouTube and the PSP.

The set is currently on sale, down from £13.99 to £7.99 here.


Categories / Toys and Games

Re-issue of 1930s game Laripino

If you want to buy your kids a game that doesn't require an endless supply of AA batteries, you may want to look at this re-issue of the game Laripino.

The game dates back to the 1930s when it was manufactured by Spear's and operates on a very simple concept: players roll marbles down the helter skelter and are awarded different amounts of points depending on the hole the marbles land in. It's as straight forward as that. While this re-issue makes use of the original packaging to add to its nostalgic charm, whether your kids go for it or not is a different matter…

The game costs £8. 

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