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Out of Print clothing: now available for kids

Brave new world
Got a bookworm for a kid? Or just want to encourage some intellectual leanings? Out of Print have now expanding their range of clothing featuring classic book jackets to include a range for kids.

No doubt like the children that they'll dress, the t-shirts range is small but perfectly formed, featuring just four titles: Catcher in the Rye, Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice and the striking 1936 cover of Brave New World pictured. Each design is printed onto a 100% cotton tee. 

Each t-shirt costs $22 and, like the grown-up versions, with each purchase a book is donated through the charity Books for Africa. 

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Out of Print clothing: book jacket t-shirts

Out of print tees

While its now fairly common to be able to get prints of classic book covers to hang on your walls, Out of Print clothing offer you the chance to wear your favourite design on a t-shirt instead. 

Their cotton t-shirts cover a selection of iconic twentieth century books such as On the Road, Lord of the Flies, The Naked Lunch as well as Slaughterhouse-Five and Fitzgerald's Tales of the Jazz Age which are shown here. There's probably a design to please most literary or aesthetic tastes. 

Each t-shirt costs $28 and for every one sold, an actual book is donated through the charity Books for Africa. 

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