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Safari style Playsuit from River Island


Many of the playsuit styles inspiring the high street over the past few seasons have relied heavily on fifties influence, but there's plenty of room for sixties and seventies interpretations of the piece. This Smart Camel Playsuit from River Island provides that option with classic chic.

The safari influence on the style provides an ideally sharp and structural element, in keeping with later sixties and early seventies looks. The high waistline, wide leg shorts and gold hardware combine to create a perfect silhouette, while the dark camel shade keeps things classic and timeless.

Get it now from River Island for £39.99.

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Foldover Playsuit from Fletcher by Lyell


With plenty of bells and whistles (literally) on much of the nautical fodder on this Summer's high street, it can often be off putting for many fans of classic fashion. But there are ways to incorporate a nautical retro theme into your wardrobe without all the fuss, with pieces like this Foldover Playsuit from Fletcher by Lyell.

The well tailored fit gives the silhouette a figure-hugging fifties feeling, while the swooping back and structural neckline add a unique nautical flavour. The contrasting black colour and white piping provide angular shaping to the piece, creating a classic and lasting retro piece.

It's available now from Urban Outfitters UK for £48, exclusively online.

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Cat Print Playsuit from ASOS


Playsuits have definitely cemented themselves as mainstream fashion's most loved item this summer, and with so many versions around there's bound to be some retro gems to be had. Tapping into retro fashion's love of the all-in-one, this Cat Print Playsuit from ASOS is ideal.

The silhouette combines plenty of fifties and sixties look elements, from a high waist belt to a cute and kitschy print choice. The scoop neckline and capped sleeves, along with wide legged shorts combine to create a great mid 20th century silhouette, while sharp monochrome finishes the look off with style.

It's available online from ASOS for £40.

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Barnacle Beauty Playsuit from French Connection


Allowing for an added wardrobe option for the summer months, the return of playsuits to mainstream fashion has split opinion. But for retro fashion lovers they can provide an easy and effective way of achieving a vintage inspired look with ease.

This Barnacle Beauty Play Suit from French Connection takes its cues from vintage versions; in cut, fabric and fit. The silk material lends a sense of loungey luxury to the piece, with a cut that treads the line between showing flesh and staying classic well. The halter tie-neck, wide legged shorts and high waistline all combine to create a perfect vintage-inspired silhouette.

Get it from French Connection UK for £95.

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Sailor Playsuit by Cooperative


As playsuits branch out beyond eighties influence, many high street styles are taking in a greater variety of retro influences. This Sailor Playsuit by boutique brand Cooperative is available now from Urban Outfitters and lends influence from a casual sixties aesthetic.

The combination of top and shorts into one outfit provides a modern interpretation of a relaxed retro chic, with Parisian influence playing a large part. The city shorts style combined with a loose fitting long sleeved top plays with the sixties injection of a boyish look, working best with a closer fit that shown in this picture.

Get it online from Urban Outfitters for £52.

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