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Present and Correct retro library notebooks

Library notebooks

If the arrival of September still makes you want to purchase new shoes, rucksacks and stationery, even though it's been a good many years since you ventured through a classroom door, you may be interested in these library notebooks from Present and Correct. However, these books are a lot more fun than anything you may have had at school. Each book is made to look like an old-school style text book, so the one with the science apparatus is printed with the title 'An Encyclopedia of Poisons' by R.C.Nick and the one with all the robots is entitled 'Basic Robotic Engineering', written by a lady called Anne Droid.  

The books also come with a library pocket and ticket that you can stick at the front and would be handy for stashing away papers, or notes from your friends if you really want to relive your school days. Each notebook costs £6.50

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