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Chocolate Love – Robert Indiana’s artwork in chocolate

Indiana chocoSince its creation in the mid-sixties, Robert Indiana's Love artwork has appeared in many forms and inspired countless others. This could be the most popular yet – 'Chocolate Love', a recreation of the work in cocoa. 

Taking the form of the instantly recognisable stacked letters with slanting 'O', this miniature work of art measures 10cm square and is made from solid dark chocolate, covered in edible gold dust. 

At £7.50, it's probably the most affordable version of the artwork too – though is probably too tasty to be around for long. 

Buy it from Heal's

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Love sculpture by Robert Indiana


A pop art icon as a piece of wall art, Love by Robert Indiana is now available as a sculpture.

Originally produced between 1964 and 1966 as everything from paintings and posters through to Christmas cards and rings, it was later remade as a 12ft steel sculpture, which you'll find in the Indianapolis Museum of Art. This is a replica of that sculpture.

This tabletop design, approved by the artist, is available in the red above, as well as blue, pink, green and silver, all standing around 7.6cm high and wide. You can get one for £65.

Find out more at the Aram Store website

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Vasa 1960s-style acrylic sculptures


Born in the 1960s, but you can still pick up a distinctive Vasa sculpture for your home today.

Vasa (or Vasa Mihich if you want a full name) is an internationally-known sculptor specialising in 'the three dimensional interactions of light and colour'. In the 60s, Vasa developed techniques for working with cast laminated acrylic forms, which has led to these prism-like structures still available to buy.

The Triangle above is just one example, signed and dated by the artist, with each one offering up colours unique to that piece. If you want to add a psychedelic twist to your home, prices start at £188.

Find out more at the Lollipop Shoppe website

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Liquorice Loops 60s-style kinetic mobile by Ivan Black

Laikingland loop-mobile1

Ivan Black's Liquorice Loops is a little piece of art for your home that looks like it has come straight out of the sixties. Not only because of the look of the curved laminate pieces but also because it plays with kinetic art, which is seen as reaching its golden age in that era. It's constructed using a combination of magnets and ball bearings so that the loops will start moving with a slight blow onto the piece. 

It measures 30cm high and costs £160. It's just one of the kinetic objects offered by Laikingland, so if you like this there's plenty more to explore. 

Buy it from the Laikingland website