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London tumblers and mugs by Michelle Mason


Cheap and very cheerful, these London tumblers and mugs by Michelle Mason should brighten up your kitchen.

The designs could have been plucked straight from the 1960s, indeed they remind us of the classic Royston Cooper public posters of that particular era. For your money, you get a choice of melamine mugs or tumblers, dishwasher safe and packed with nostalgic images of the capital.

Available online, they sell for £7.99 each.

Find out more at the Michelle Mason website

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Michelle Mason London tumblers


 We've shown you Michelle Mason's '50s tinged London designs before, specifically on her cushions. A more accessible way to introduce the design into your home is with these London tumblers

The tumblers feature the same retro illustrations – Routemasters and teashops and all – and are made from melamine, making them the perfect things for kids or for trips away from the city. 

The tumblers cost £7.99. You can also get a melamine mug for the same price. 

Buy them online

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Mod vodka tumblers from Artel

Mod vodka tumblers

Looking to knock back some shots in style? These mod vodka tumblers from Artel could be your answer. As the name might suggest, they are decorated in a stylish black, geometric pattern. 

Artel specialize in glassware with graphic and geometric designs.Named after a group of Czech early twentieth artisans, the company tries to reflect their values in their work. For example, though these glasses have a sleek and modern look, they've been made using traditional glass-blowing techniques. 

Costing £193 for a set of three, they're probably glasses to be brought out on special occasions only.  

Buy them from the Couturelab website