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Heritage teapot from Marks and Spencer

Heritage teapot


If you like to celebrate tradition while indulging in your cuppa, this Heritage teapot from Marks and Spencer could be the thing for you. 

It's made from English earthenware and is decorated with the Union Jack on its side and lid. Add to that the description Land of Hope and Glory that's emblazoned across the side of the teapot and you've got a pretty patriotic accompaniment to your tea. 

If you want to carry the look further, you can buy mugs and plates in the same range. 

The teapot costs £29.50. 

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New Sir Peter Blake limited edition prints – Vera Puzzle and 24 Flags


We're not going to pretend these are cheap, but if you have money to invest and want to invest it in art, Sir Peter Blake has two new limited edition prints on the market – Vera Puzzle and 24 Flags.

Both are part of his 'Found Art' series, as well as as being giclee prints with a silkscreen glaze and in a signed limited edition of just 25 of each. The flags one, as you can see, is a collage of Union Jack images, while the Vera Puzzle artwork, which is pictured over the page, is inspired by vintage Mickey Mouse imagery.

Both are sized at 36 x 42 inches and both are available now for £2,500 each.

Find out more at the Opus Art Gallery website

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Jack Rug

There are undoubtedly other Union Jack rugs out there, but the Jack Rug from the Big Rug Store is just that little bit more stylish.

Rather than the usual view of the flag, here just a corner detail is used, and the stripes aren’t entirely straight, giving the impression of a flag blowing in the breeze. It is made from 100% wool and is available in a choice of sizes; 120 x 180 cm, 150 x 240 cm or 180 x 270 cm.

Prices range from £259.00 to £519.00. Buy it online at the Big Rug Store.

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Union Jack Ottoman from Graham and Green

Union Jacks were undeniably one of the big trends in 2010, and one that shows no sign of abating if this Union Jack Ottoman is anything to go by.

As is often the case with Union Jack decorated pieces, it makes a strong statement, and could just as easily look tacky as cool if in the wrong surroundings, but in a large room where the rest of the decor is simple, it could work. The ottoman measures 46cm high by 128cm wide x 78cm deep, with the internal storage space being slightly less.

The ottoman is available to buy online for £995 from Graham and Green.

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Retro Sweets Union Jack Print

This Retro Sweets Union Jack Print has been created by the company Swings and Pretty Things.

The print consists of lettering spelling out the names of some favourite retro sweets, including Sherbet Lemons, Black Jacks, Wine Gums, Refreshers and Dolly Mixtures with the phrase “A Quarter Of” in the centre of the picture. The text is arranged and coloured in the pattern of the Union Jack, to add to its retro appeal. The print is stretched around a box canvas, and is available in a choice of four sizes, with the smallest measuring 300mm x 450mm and the largest 665mm x 1000mm.

Prices range from £110 up to £200. Buy online from Swings and Pretty Things.

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Craig Ennew Limited Edition Prints for Pedlars

Craig Ennew has joined the growing ranks of artists and designers creating exclusives for Pedlars. He has produced three limited edition print designs, each consisting of a montage of vintage images around a particular theme.

Pictured here is the design “Old Reliable” which brings together a collection of traditional British images, including Queen Victoria, a cup of tea, a detail from a banknote and Union Jack. The other designs are “Woman and Shoes” which features a woman from the 1940s grasping a giant shoe, surrounded by other footwear from various periods, and “Good Morning, Many Things to Do”, which includes a cockerel, breakfast cereal and a vintage caravan.

The prints are limited to ten for each design and are sold framed for £199. Visit the Pedlars site to buy.