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The Day of the Peacock: Style for Men 1963-73 book


If you fancy yourself as a modern-day 'dandy ', you might want to see how it was done in its heyday. Luckily for you, a book has just been published by the V&A showing that very thing – The Day of the Peacock: Style for Men 1963-73 by Geoffrey Aquilina Ross.

Geoffrey Aquilina Ross was the men's editor for Vogue in the 1960s and in this book, he recalls the era’s most dashing figures, including Tommy Nutter, Mick Jagger and Patrick Lichfield, as well as discussing iconic shops and tailors such as Granny takes a Trip, Blades, Hung on You and Mr Fish. Christopher Breward’s introduction throws in some social and cultural context too.

Packed with colour illustrations too (150 in total), the hardback book is available now, with Amazon discounting it to £19.99. If you're into vintage clobber, it looks like a must-buy. Some black and white images over the page.

Find out more about the book at the Amazon website

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Fashion for Jewels: 100 Years of Styles and Icons

Fashion for jewels
If you're a book loving fan of jewellery, it's been a very good week for you here on the site. Earlier this week we showed you Vintage Jewellery and now it's the turn of Fashion for Jewels: 100 Years of Styles and Icons

The book is written by Carol Woolton, the jewellery editor of British Vogue, so she knows what she's talking about when discussing stylish gems. The book also makes use of Conde Nast's vast picture library to provide some luscious imagery and to illustrate famous jewellery wearers such as Coco Chanel and Jackie O or prestige companies like Boucheron, Van Clef & Arpels.

It's a lot cheaper than a precious necklace too, priced at a very reasonable £25, though it's currently available for £16.23 from Amazon.

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Paris Vogue: Covers 1920–2009 book

Paris Vogue covers

Vogue is well known for its heritage in mapping changing fashions. Couple that with a touch of French style and this book, Paris Vogue: Covers 1920–2009, is tantalizing prospect.

It's been written by Sonia Rachline with foreword by current French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld and, over its 208 pages, it illustrates shifting trends in both clothing and magazine design. There masses of famous faces that show up, from photographers like Man Ray or Guy Bourdin, to cover stars like Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn.

A great book to sit and flick through, it costs just £14.22 from Amazon