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Sound Burger returns as the Crosley Revolution CR6002 portable record player


We featured this back in January, but now you can actually buy the Crosley Revolution CR6002 portable record player. At least, you can in the US. Don't worry, it'll be in the UK soon enough.

It's not a million miles away from the vinyl crate digger's tool of choice, the Sound Burger, a portable record player from the mid-80s. This new version updates things a little, offering 33/45 speed playback, dynamic full range stereo speakers, battery power, an FM transmitter for firing music over to your audio system wirelessly and a USB socket, so you can easily transfer vinyl to digital formats.

You can buy it directly from Crosley for $149.95 in three colour options, as well as Hammacher Schlemmer. We would expect Urban Outfitters to be the place in the UK to get one in the near future.

Find out more at the Crosley website

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iTam Tam Go – classic 1960s space age seat becomes wireless iPhone sound system


Regular readers will know we have featured both the original Tam Tam and the more recent iTam Tam audio variation. Well, now there's another option, the iTam Tam Go from Branex Design.

It's the logical progression to both. Still the 1968 space age seat from Henry Massonet and still a sound system capable of hooking up to your iPod or iPhone. But the new 'Go' version also adds in a Lithium-ion battery, offering up to eight listening hours of 'omni directional sound' cable-free.

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Lego-style wireless computer mouse


Not sure what it feels like on your hand, but this Lego-style wireless computer mouse will certainly look on your desk.

Shaped like the classic brick, a wireless, 800dpi optical mouse with left and right click buttons, a clickable scrolling wheel and good to use with both Windows-based PCs and Macs – just as long as you have a spare USB port.

Choose from red, white or blue, all selling for £19.99.

Find out more at the IWOOT website