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Vintage Tea and Coffee Pots Wrapping Paper


As you would probably guess by how often we feature such items, we really like vintage-style teacups, coffee pots and mugs. And so it seems does the designer of this Vintage Tea and Coffee Pots Wrapping Paper.

The design consists of images of enamel pots and mid-century patterned cups, printed on matt paper. Interspersed with these images are tea spoons with silver detailing. As the seller says, it is nice enough to hang as a poster in your kitchen.

The wrapping paper costs AUS $4.95 from Lark Made.

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Polaroid wrapping paper from Nancy and Betty

Polaroid wrapping

If you're buying a polaroid camera as a gift and want to give the lucky recipient a less-than-subtle clue about its contents, may we direct you towards this polaroid wrapping paper from Nancy and Betty?

The paper is decorated with a repeated image of the polaroid 1000, which dates back to the 1970s. The images are set against bright green to create a striking piece of design. There's even a matching gift tag available. 

Five sheets will cost you £7.95

Buy it online

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Creepy Tree retro-style greetings cards and wrapping paper


We've been meaning to feature Creepy Tree for some time, mainly because we love their retro-style greetings cards and wrapping paper.

Most use cartoon-like images, which remind us a lot of the vintage travel posters of the 60s, the Royston Cooper ones in particular. Cards are available for virtually every occasion, with wrapping paper in colourful repeat designs.

All are made and printed in an eco-friendly way and all are available online from the Brighton-based company. Cards are around £2 plus postage, with gift wrap around the same price per sheet.

Find out more at the Creepy Tree website