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Roberts retro DAB radio

Robertsradio The Roberts radio, a classic item that could sit proudly in any retro kitchen or living room. It’s iconic – but it’s not very hi-tech and unless you enjoy Terry Wogan or even worse, local radio, your listening is limited.

Well it was, until Roberts introduced the RD-50 DAB Digital Radio – a retro radio in the old Roberts style, but with access to all your favourite digital stations.

In fact, this old Roberts box is packed with allsorts of modern little features. It has PausePlus, so you can pause and rewind radio, it features both FM and DAB wavebands, an easy to read LCD display, auto tuning and stereo output if you want to attach it to a bigger device.

The Roberts RD-50 us available in Burgundy, Green, Blue, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue and Pastel Cream and sells for around £150.

Visit the Roberts website

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