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Stylish retro kitchens from Source


Kitchens are a tough one – it’s usually a choice of fitted modern numbers or vintage separates. Here’s another option – these superb retro kitchens from Source.

The company takes original 50s kitchens from two prominent old British companies (C.S.A. in Warwich and Boulton and Paul in Norwich – both of which made their names making fighter planes interestingly), then gives these high quality units a makeover for the modern era, producing something like you see above.

Check out the website for more options. But don’t expect it to be cheap. Prices are "on application", which usually means a high price tag. But that’s what you expect for quality.

Find out more from the Source website

  • The 1950’s retro kitchens and kitchen stuff is very in at the moment. There are lots of items out there now that wiil match this super cool kitchen which i would love to have.

  • Paul Norton

    We’ve just discovered a Boulton & Paul wooden fridge from (as far as I can tell) the ’40s if anyone is interested.