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French Connection travel plimsoles

Fcuk_plim Regular readers will know that we’re big fans of stripped-down, no nonsense footwear from an age gone by. And while these French Connection travel plimsoles might be a modern shoe, they do share some of those attributes.

Not a million miles from something like the YMC Plimsole shoe, these are designed for throwing in a suitcase or travel bag – and will scrunch up and fall back into place if you’re short of space. They have a rubber sole and toe, fabric body and elasticated back, as well as the option to go for laces or not.

Black is pictured here, but the all white pair is certainly the best for looks. You can pick them up online for a reasonable £35.

Find out more at the French Connection website

  • Kelly

    £35 for a pair of plimsolls? My mum would go ballistic if I bought those!