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Seiko space age Discus watch


Straight out of Japan, but not into the UK as yet is this super cool Seiko space age Discus watch.

It;s a modern take on an old idea, using three numbered discs that rotate and work together to offer up the time (hours, minutes and seconds) in a circular display area. The case is available in two designs – one with a stainless body and white face, another with a black metal body and a smoked glass face.

But not yet available outside of Japan. eBay should be your salvation though, but yu’ll have to pay around £450.

While the Discus is not officially for sale in North America, I was able to find a couple over on eBay, priced at about $890 each.

Find out more at the Seiko website

Via Technabob

  • hamin

    hi i am trying to find it on eBay but i can’t any other site that i can find it at that can ship to usa.