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London Transport Museum’s Moquette furniture range – using fabrics from the 1930s to the 1970s


London Transport Museum has found a use for its old rolls of hard-wearing Moquette fabric – creating the London Transport Museum’s Moquette furniture range.

Moquette was used on bus and tube seats from the 30s through to the 70s, a tough fabric able to take the wear and tear of constant daily use. But it wasn’t just functional – designers were constantly brought in to liven up the fabric, creating looks that are both stylish and very distinct to their eras.

Shame the furniture designs don’t have the same unique looks really.
The first batch available includes everything from sofas and armchairs
through to beds and desks all at premium prices and all with
‘conservatory’ looks, which isn’t really a good thing in our book. But
we do like the upholstered Harlem Cubes on the site in a choice of
classic cloth. They retail for around £125, while the sofa featured at
the top of the page sells for around £940.

Find out more at the London Transport Museum website