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Philips 1970s portable record players


Online vintage stores are always worth a browse and none more so than Sit On It, which has a huge selection of weird and wonderful period objects and design – including a range of Philips 1970s record players.

Take your pick from red, white or yellow, all with speed and volume control, mains operation and a lid that doubles up as our speaker – just pull it off and place it anywhere (or as far as the cable will stretch).

I have something very similar to this and while the sound quality isn’t up to your regular home deck, it is a lot of fun to use as well as being very eye-catching. Yours for £75.

Find out more at the Sit On It website

  • peter

    I’m a bit confused. are these remakes? are they new? or are these vintage ones.

  • David Walker

    Hi Peter – they’re vintage, although the seller seems to have multiple stock.

  • Tamsin

    What model are they? And would the stylus needles be hard to replace?

  • Feroz Akhtar

    Dear Sir,
    Is the Philips Record player for sale is exactly the same as shown in the picture. Secondly, is its spare stylus (needle) can also be bought from your store ?
    Which mode of payment is acceptable to you ?
    Best regards; Feroz Akhtar

  • Alan Diplock

    Just want to know what value a Philips model GF810 has,in VERY good order, and is there a market out there for it ?