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Cobra Silk Dress by Temperley London

Temperley cobra

Finding retro clothing with a thirties vibe can be incredibly difficult if you don't have the funds for auction houses. Thankfully, the costume-y take on the pre-war look is fading to leave some truly chic designs. This Temperley London Cobra Dress is every inch the sophisticated siren.

Made from a blush silk chiffon, this dress feels every it as luxurious as it looks. The collar detailing combined with fluttering capped sleeves gives a jazz doll feel that'd fit in on any lindyhopping dancefloor. It might not come cheap, but this dress harks to another era that dedicated retrophiles won't stop coming back to.

Get it from Net-a-Porter now for £795.

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  • Claire

    Dont have the funds for auction houses? But this dress is £800!

  • Orla

    Yep, and garments from the 20s and 30s in any sort of wearable nick cost upwards of £2000 at auction.