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DC Comics cosmetics girl bag


Take this image of a crying woman as a reminder to carry a make-up bag with you at all times, just in case you need to unexpectedly touch-up your look. Handy then that she adorns an eye catching cosmetics bag design that's inspired by DC Comics. The graphic look is a striking change from the girlie floral designs so often used for such bags and is backed with a superhero inspired bronze material. 

If you want some good news to help soothe a broken heart, this bag measures a substantial 18cm by just over 10cm so has plenty of room to carry about your cosmetics (and emotional baggage?). 

The bag costs just $8 from the Fred Flare website

  • Johnny Yen

    Does anyone know of a UK stockist for this, as Fred Flare will not ship to the UK? I’ve googled without any luck.