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eBay watch: Vista Colour vintage bakelite 120 film camera


A real oddity on eBay right now, this Vista Colour vintage bakelite 120 film camera.

Not sure about the year, the seller is pitching it as 1930s, I'd think it was a little later. But it's certainly an old one. Despite that, it's incredibly complete – right down to the box, the original strap and some original unused film would you believe.

The seller can't confirm it works, although 'the shutter does seem to fire just fine', so you might be in luck. Anyway, right now it doesn't cost much to find out, with the price at just 99 cents (63p) plus the shipping out of Texas.

Find out more at the eBay website

  • les chenery

    i had one of these 1959/60 bought from woolworths in england took good photos despite low cost 15 shillings now 75 new pence thats $1.14 us

  • les chenery

    cost 75 pence $1.14 1959/60 as i was still at school its all i could afordat woolworths a kodak brownie cost 50 pence 75 cents us or more it has taken many happy holiday photos wish i still had one

  • lesley chenery

    i bought one of these cameras from woolworths england 1959/60 it was 15 shillings 75 new pence or$1.14 us. vista allso sold a colour film that was not very good when a ferania 3m film was used the results were good the pics are still good after 50 years it was replaced by a kodak instanmatic and the vista given to afriend i would like to own one again