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For sale: 1950s Erno Goldfinger-designed Wellesley House property in Broadstairs, Kent


We usually feature huge art deco, midcentury or modernist architectural masterpieces on these pages, great to look at, but pretty much always unaffordable to all of us. Well, here is a semi-detached house that's firmly in the 'affordable' bracket for more of us – but it's also an Erno Goldfinger-designed Wellesley House property in Broadstairs, Kent.

In truth, the designer and the history of the house are actually more interesting than the property, but just think…you can tell the world your home was designed by a modernist legend. How cool would that be?


The three-bedroom house was designed by Goldfinger in the early 50s for teachers at the nearby Wellesley House preparatory school. On the face of it, they are fairly straightforward properties, but they do have many typical Goldfinger features including large windows, 'intelligent use of space' and an eye-catching, ribbed flat roof.

In terms of specifics, you get those three bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor, a living room, dining room, kitchen and hallways on the ground floor, along with a large garden, garage and (interestingly), an outside WC, presumably original to the property. Oh yes, it's also around 15 minutes' walk from the beach. Always a bonus, which perhaps makes up a little for the fairly bland interior. Saying that, it was probably always fairly simplistic.

Price? Offers around £250,000. The image below, by the way, is the house in its original form.

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