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Simmons Clutch from French Connection


This Autumn/Winter the high street's retro influence of choice appears to be the art deco influence of the twenties and thirties. The ideal choice for injecting some glitz and glamour into Winter wardrobes, this Simmons Clutch from French Connection interprets the style with flair.

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Dory Cross Body Bag by D&G


Designer handbags are a purchase that's nigh on impossible for most of us to justify, with styles that age with the seasons. It's easier to justify the huge price tag when the looks are timeless, however, which could be argued for the Dory Cross Body Bag by D&G.

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Leather Sweet Shop Purse by Natthakur

SweetsThere's nothing quite like a bag of pick & mix, especially if said bag is an old school pink and stripey paper one. However, with this Leather Sweet Shop Purse by Natthakur you're more likely to find actual pennies at the bottom rather than the toffee variety.

This charming little bag captures all the fun of an old fashioned sweet shop, minus the calories. Natthakur have taken the unmistakable retro penny sweets bag and fashioned it out of leather to create a quirky purse to be stuffed with change or other goodies. 

The genuine leather purse is handmade and printed in London and is also available in orange or powder blue. £28 from Not On The High Street. See the website for more details.

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Orange Deco Clutch from River Island


We might be living in the generation of all things Retro, but even in the 20th century designers were looking backwards for inspiration. This Orange Deco Clutch from River Island is a perfect example of when two eras meet well, drawing design ideas from both the 20s and the 70s at once.

The burnt orange shade and large clutch design of the bag have a simple but instant seventies feel, providing a great basis for the unusual use of deco design on top. The contrasting silver allows the structural design of the metallic deco detailing to pop.

It's available from River Island now for £25.

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