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Junkshop Gem: The Mods by Sandra Lawrence

Themods Rather than being a junkshop gem, The Mods by Sandra Lawrence is actually an eBay gem - although "gem" might be pushing the point a bit.

It's a classic example of trashy 60s fiction - or should that be photo fiction, packed with staged period snaps to accompany the plotline. And what a plotline - Julie is a young mod girl, saved from a biker gang by the gang's leader, David. They fall for each other, but there are more problems than just the mod/rocker thing. Julie's brother happens to by king of the mods and isn't keen. And both David and Julie's fathers happen to have an ongoing feud, so they don't approve either. And with this being trash fiction, you can throw in some violence and tragedy too.

If you want the full rundown, check out my review of the book on the Modculture website. And if you're still keen, you should be able to find a copy for under £10 online.

Read the full book review at Modculture

Junkshop Gem: Slade by George Tremlett

Slade_book "In a few years' time, we may all be saying that Slade are the most important rock group to have emerged since The Beatles."

So begins our latest junkshop gem, Slade by George Tremlett. George, it would seem, is (or was) an old-school music journalist and member of the Greater London Council. His book on Slade was written at the band's peak and written in conjunction with the band prior to their appearance in their first (and only) feature film, Flame.

George's adulation of Slade seems laughable now, with the band now just seen as a novelty Christmas act (if they're remembered at all), but in 1975, Slade really were huge - 20,000 fan club members (says the book), chart-topping regulars and a big screen debut in the pipeline. And that's why this book is so good - as well as telling you all you'll ever need to know about the band, including an exhaustive history (with photos and a list of every gig played)  - it's a piece of history from a long-gone era - when four ordinary lads with bad hair and platform shoes ruled the pop world in the pre-punk years. And yes, life seemed just like the Reeves and Mortimer spoof, "Slade at home".

Pay no more than £3 - but worth every penny.

DK launches antiques and collectables online catalogue

Colombo_1 Good news for those of you interested in the value of your junkshop finds - leading publisher Dorling Kindersley has launched a new antiques and collectables online catalogue, based on their bestselling antiques and collectables guide books.

There's over 30,000 full colour photographs complete with prices and descriptions, broken down into sections including jewellery, glass, furniture, porcelain and our favourite - modern classics. And to launch the site, they're also running a competition to win a collectable Murano Sommerso orange clear glass vase, worth over £400.

It's far from complete, judging by some of sample searches I've just done. But it is free - and does cover many of the basics.

Visit the DK online catalogue

Build your own 70s house

Dailymail_1 You can keep your cottages and your new-build mock-Georgian homes - I want the same house now as I did as a child, a stylish early 70s number, just like Bob and Thelma's place in Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads.

Sadly, these fine examples of housebuilding excess and design daring have now been destroyed beyond belief - usually via conservatories, double glazing doors and block paving. But fear not - we've found a way of re-creating the 70s home with out an extortionate architect's fee - the Daily Mail Book Of House Plans 1972.

Yes, our latest junkshop gem is a shrine to 70s design. Picked up for less than £1, it packs in over 50 different house specifications of the day, including full floor plans, interior ideas and a number of suppliers who could make your dreams come true. Read on after the turn for a couple of interior shots from the book - and if you see a copy - buy it!

Continue reading "Build your own 70s house" »

French vintage keyrings

Concordekeyring If you've ever been to Paris for a period of time, there's a good chance you've been browsing round the flea markets, particularly the market at Clignancourt, which is a vintage collector's dream. There's everything from expensive antique furniture to stalls selling piles of vintage clothing, with the best bargains to be had if you don't mind getting your hands dirty.

And there's the quirky collectable shops - like Les porte-cles, which specialises in French advertising keyrings of the sixties and seventies. There's hundreds to choose from - with a select few available to browse and buy online. I love this Concorde keyring, but less so by the price - 300 Euros. But don't despair, there's many others available with equally eye-catching designs, with prices starting from just 3 Euros.

You'll find the store at the Porte de Clignancourt market, which is open all day every Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Visit the store's website

Via Fwak


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