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The Smurfs Smurfette Plush Toy from Firebox

P4117_main The Smurfs may be a distant blue memory to you, but this Smurfette Plush Toy from Firebox is proof positive that they will be making an imminent return to our screens.

Simpsons luminary Hank Azaria and Dougie Howser MD himself, Neil Patrick Harris (another eighties throwback) accompany none other than Katy Perry who voices the aforementioned Smurfette in this 3D live action/CGI family movie.

The Smurfette Toy is every bit as cute as the original cartoon character. Measuring 10 inches high she's supersoft, as are her little blue friends; Gutsy, Clumsy and Papa Smurf. The toys cost £14.99 each and are available from Firebox here.

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Officially-licensed full-size replica Dalek at Firebox


The perfect addition to any Doctor Who obsessive's home – this officially-licensed full-size replica Dalek, which you can order at Firebox.

Not just some knocked-up thing out of cardboard, this icon of 1960s sci-fi (and beyond) is made to order, using the original moulds and specifications from the BBC Props Department, the finished product standing at an imposing 5’3” tall. You can even choose your favourite colour – another of the colour options is pictured over the page.

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Rocky, Superman and Batman bathrobes at Firebox


If you fancy making a splash when you get out of the bath or shower, you could invest in one of these iconic bathrobes at Firebox, with a choice of Rocky, Superman and Batman.

All are officially licensed by MGM Studios, all are knee-length and all are 'one size fits all', with the Rocky featuring the Italian Stallaion logo in the front and back in black and gold (and coming with a boxing hood), while the Batman and Superman come in the trademark colours, as well as featuring those logos.

You can see Rocky above, with the other two pictured over the page. All are on pre-order now, with a price of £49.99.

Find out more at the Firebox website

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Lego Drinks Bottle

  @ 2 1-4

There is no shortage of products out there for the Lego aficionado, the latest of which is this Drinks Bottle.

We've had storage bricks, storage heads, torches and lunch boxes and whilst some may be suffering from Lego fatigue, the classic style and block colours have some mileage yet.

This latest addition to the range is these colourful plastic bottles with Lego figure heads as the bottle top, which will certainly brighten up a packed lunch or picnic. In addition they are phtalate and bisphenol free  making them a safer option to store your beverage in.

You can pre-order the bottles from Firebox here.