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So You Need a Typeface? Print

If you share my endless fascination with fonts, then you’ll probably love the “So You Need a Typeface?” Print as much as I do.

The title question is printed in the centre of the page; from there you pick why you want a font and follow the Yes/No questions until you reach a font suggestion. Should you actually have a design project in need of a typeface, it could be quite useful, but for those of us with just an amateur interest in such things, it makes an interesting bit of decoration.

It costs $22 from the Felt and Wire Shop.

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April Font Night at the Design Museum, London

We’ve already briefly mentioned the Wim Crouwel exhibition at the Design Museum, in relation to the wallpaper being sold along side it, but now one of the accompanying event has also fired our imagination.

April Font Night, on (you guessed it) 1 April, is part of the Design Overtime late night openings. Not only will you get to see the exhibition early in its run, but you will have the chance to do a bit of font-based design yourself. The evening will include practical but fun workshop such as compiling your own A is for Alphabet compendium or constructing weirdly proportioned letters, activities which are sure to appeal to typography geeks and font fanatics.

Tickets cost £7.50 in advance or £11 on the door. Visit the Design Museum website for more information.

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Typetable Poster

Prints featuring ABCs are pretty common, but less so prints of that other touchstone of childhood learning – times tables.

The Typetable Poster not only lists the times tables 1 to 12, guaranteed to bring back memories of school, but it combines them different typography. Each number has a different font and the dates and creator of the font are listed with it.

It is available exclusively from Pedlars, priced just under £25 unframed.

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Just My Type by Simon Garfield

If you share our obsession with typography, then the book “Just My Type” by Simon Garfield is a ‘must-read’.

Taken as a whole, the book provides an informative history of printing process, including mentions for retro favourites Letraset transfers and Dymo label makers. There is a chapter about music that includes the Beatles’ logo and Amy Winehouse’s use of a art deco style fonts, whilst a section on politics looks at how a font contributed to Obama’s election campaign, but also goes further back and close to home with information about the typeface favoured during the creation of the NHS. Between the main chapters, there are shorter sections, Font Breaks, which examine the history and use of individual fonts. I would have welcomed more on 60s counterculture design and the Punk aesthetic, about which more could have been said, but all in all, a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in the history of design.

Just My Type is available to buy on Amazon, currently priced just £7.99 for a suitably stylish hardback.

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Type Trumps Game

Top Trumps is a good old-fashioned game that is simple enough to be played by all the family (essential in most households at Christmas) and Type Trumps is a version of it for the design conscious.

The game consists of a set of cards printed with typefaces which have been attributed numerical values for different criteria which allow them to be pitted against each, as with the traditional version of the game. These rankings have been given based on the preferences with the designer, Rick Banks, and are sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in graphic design.

There are two sets of the type trumps available (red or blue), both costing just under £10 from Counter Objects.