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Keith Haring Balance Game from Colette

Keith_image_147722_en There is no reason why even the most mundane child's toy can't be stylish and beautiful – as with this Keith Haring Balance Game from Parisian concept store Colette.

The Balance Game is created by Vilac, a long-established French brand, crafting quality children's toys from wood in the forests of Jura.  It's 18 pieces of brightly coloured wood in the shape of Keith Haring's distinctive figures which can be stacked on top of one another in a game which develops concentration, hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills – never mind a fine appreciation of modern art at the same time.

The game costs 28 euros from Colette here.


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Ikea’s Slatthult – budget Keith Haring decoration stickers

Keith Haring's instantly identifiable style has cropped up a lot over the years on this site. Ikea's Slatthult aren't even the first time we've featured his style on decoration stickers – long time readers of the site may remember these decals from Supernice we featured a few years back. However, as you might expect, Ikea's pricing is the cheapest option by far. 

Each pack contains the 14 stickers shown above, indicitive of Haring's art, itself influenced by 70s and 80s street. 

And that price? A pack sells for just £7.99.

The packs are currently available instore only but you can find out more online.

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Keith Haring x Case Scenario ‘Save Japan’ iPhone 4 case


Japan is currently suffering from an appalling natural disaster, with many people rushing to help in any way possible. Paris store Colette has joined in the efforts, teaming up with a variety of designers to produce a 'Save Japan' range, with all profits going to help support rescue efforts in the country. This Keith Haring x Case Scenario 'Save Japan' iPhone 4 case is one of the products being sold.

As you can see, it's case for your iPhone in white with a classic '80s Haring design in the back in black and red. It gives your smartphone some old school cool. But more importantly, 100 per cent of profits goes to the Japanese Red Cross.

Grab one online for £17.35. More products will be added to the store's range over the next week, so keep checking back.

Find out more at the Colette website

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Keith Haring fabric patches from the Pop Life exhibition shop

Fabric patches

The exhibition Pop Life opened last week at Tate Modern. The show looks at the impact of Pop Art and how following generations of artists embraced the cult of celebrity and the commercial opportunities it offered. At the centre of the exhibition is a recreation of Keith Haring's Pop Shop which he set up in New York to sell his branded products directly to the public. Of course this means Tate is stocking some great related products, including these fabric patches.  

Reflecting Haring's willingness to put his name to just about anything, they use four of his famous designs, including the baby. They are perfect for adding a touch of street art to a worn, but otherwise loved, item of clothing. At £4.40 each they are a cheap way into buying into a favourite artist and the spirit of the exhibition. 

Buy them online