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Pashley vintage-style Picador tricycle


Think the tricycle was something purely for early childhood? Not according to Pashley, which offers three tricycles, including the Picador tricycle.

This vintage-style three-wheeler is geared very much for adults, the kind of adults who see cycling as a pleasant, eco-style pastime rather than extreme exercise obviously. You'll struggle to keep up with the pack at your local cycling club with one of these.

For your money, you get a tubular steel frame, 20-inch wheels with alloy rims, non-slip pedals, all-weather brakes, 'comfort' elastomer-strung saddle, a rear wire basket and an optional front wicker basket. Three colour options, prices start at £675.

Find out more at the Pashley website

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Boden classic silk knitted ties


The classic knitted tie is making a comeback, offering up a preppy look for the modern era. You can buy cheap polyester or wool ones here and there, but for something with more class, check out these Boden silk knitted ties look pretty tasty.

Choose from contrast stripes or the spotted ones pictured above, all 100 per cent silk, with a silk backing for reinforcement. Widths aren't offered, but the shot of someone wearing one shows a pretty slim profile, reminiscent of the early 1960s.

Check out the full range at the site, with prices around the £45 mark.

Find out more at the Boden website

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