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Karlsson Little Big Time Arrow Target Clock


A bit of functional, 1960s-style pop art for your wall in the form of the Karlsson Little Big Time Arrow Target Clock.

The design, as the name suggests, features both a target and arrows, symbolic of 1960s pop art and illustration, but with a very practical purpose – the arrows tell the time, the target is the face. Well, sort of.

Available online, it sells for £31.99.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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Karen Hilton’s White on White target cushion

Target cushion

The Mod Target gets a new look with Karen Hilton's White on White target cushion

The design has been recreated on the cushion cover, using unbleached cotton and white felt instead of the familiar red, white and blue. The result still keeps the sixties feel but gives the cushion more of a space age look. Fancy seeing it in some other colours? Take a look at Hilton's other designs which use brights such as hot pink and yellow to create cushions with added Pop. 

Each cushion is handmade and costs £34.

Buy it from All Things Original

via Domestic Sluttery