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Karlsson Little Big Time Arrow Target Clock


A bit of functional, 1960s-style pop art for your wall in the form of the Karlsson Little Big Time Arrow Target Clock.

The design, as the name suggests, features both a target and arrows, symbolic of 1960s pop art and illustration, but with a very practical purpose – the arrows tell the time, the target is the face. Well, sort of.

Available online, it sells for £31.99.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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Karlsson Retro Digital Wall Clock

Karlsson's clocks are a regular feature on these pages thanks to their retro styling and this new addition to the range is no exception.

The Retro Digital Wall Clock has striking white and yellow dials on a contrasting black background which give it a nice seventies aesthetic set off by the  walnut surround and glass face.

The clock is 25cm square and takes a 1AA battery.

It costs £44.99 and you can buy it from Soulful Toaster.

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Karlsson Spider wall clock

Karlsson spider clock

We've previously featured all kinds of attractive retro clocks that have come courtesy of Karlsson. This Spider Clock is no exception to the rule. 

It features chrome tips that radiate out from the clock face, each covered in brightly coloured balls. In fact, it's quite similar to George Nelson's classic Vitra Ball clock.

However, the Karlsson version is available on a budget, costing just £35. 

Buy it from John Lewis

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Karlsson retro disk wall clock

Karlsson retro disk clock

You can rely on Karlsson to produce a good looking clock and their retro disk wall clock is no exception.

It's a very simple clock made up of metallic disks, displayed in a flower-like pattern around the time piece. The shape of the disks combined with the look of the polished steel gives it something of a sixties look.  

Certain to add a touch of glamour to any wall, the clock sells for £49.99

Buy it from the Bouf website