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Space age cat bed

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Catbed So you’ve got your trendy new flat with your retro space age furnishings, giving the place a look of Space 1999 meets Woody Allen’s Sleeper – the only problem is the slightly smelly whicker basket complete with old tartan rug in the corner –  ‘the cat’s bed’. If that space age plastic look is good enough for you, why isn’t it good enough for Tiddles?

Your feline friend can have the same styling as the rest of the house if you pick up a Whiskas Cat Bed.

As the name suggests, it’s a cat bed made by the famous cat food firm. It’s basically a large white plastic cat’s head, which offers your cat an ingloo-like space to park its head at night (or day). With an easy-clean outer shell, it’s good for you and as a secure, comfy space with a luxury mat as standard, it’s a dream for your pet.

They retail for around £30 and have become harder to find of late, but we’ve found them online for just under £26 at Seapets (and no, we’re not on commission!).

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