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Evel Knievel Stunt Set

Once upon a time, one man personified bravery on our screens, using a motorbike to jump over anything you put in front of him – cars, buses, fire or walls – nothing was too much for Evel Knievel. We all wanted to be him, but settled for the next best thing – the Evel Knievel Stunt Set.

Yes, from your own living room, you could make Evel jump over everyday household items, simply by a brisk wind of a plastic handle. And if the thought of the Evel toy makes you dewy-eyed with nostalgia, here’s the good news – it’s back.

The new collector’s edition (each set officially numbered) is made from the same toy moulds as the original (by Ideal). For your money, you get over 40 pieces, including a poseable Evel Knievel figure, a high speed gyro powered cycle, the turbomatic energizer, the brick crash wall, 2 stunt ramps, tool box with tools, hoop of fire and 17 official EK accessories.

Enjoy your childhood once more for just under £30.

Find out more from the Firebox website

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