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Habitat’s Barbara Hulanicki wallpaper

Habitat’s Very Important Products range
is a bit hit and miss, but they’ve certainly scored a hit with this Barbara Hulanicki wallaper.

As you’ll probably know, Barbara Hulanicki worked as a fashion illustrator in the early 60s, before setting up Biba in 1964 as a mail order business, before growing it into one of the most famous department stores of the 1970s.

And this big and bold wallpaper is very much of that era, with a purple background and overlapping silver swirl, which would look great on any feature wall.

Available now (and also available in black and white), it retails for £29 per roll.

Find out more at the Habitat website

  • mu

    have the black and white version adorning my bedroom wall up here at uni. have spent many hours colouring it in. great fun when high.

  • Linda

    I am one roll short of the black and white version. Does anyone have one for sale?