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Colombo One and Two – Joe Colombo-inspired home phones for £40

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It’s rare to see just one stylish home phone, so we were amazed to find two heading to the shelves – the Colombo One and Colombo Two.

Both are the work of ChauhanStudio and will be in the shops from March. The designs (as the names suggest) are inspired by the work of Italian space age designer Joe Colombo – there’s even a ‘Boby Trolley’ colour scheme for one of the handsets. The Colombo One is pictured above, which is a more angled handset with a flat base, the Colombo Two is similar, but with a more upright shape.

But best of all is the price – both will sell for around £40 on the high street, which sounds like great value to me. You can find out more and see an image of Colombo One over at Switched On Set.

Find out more at the ChauhanStudio website

16 thoughts on “Colombo One and Two – Joe Colombo-inspired home phones for £40

  1. This looks really good, but how come it’s not mentioned anywhere on Chauhan’s website? Where did the info come from, any idea about likely retailers?

  2. Well, I have my sources – but I did think they would be on the website. If not, I’m surprised! They should be available from John Lewis (amongst) others between March and April.
    I have got details of two other impressive phones of the company, both selling for £20, which are probably more suited for Switched On Set. And there is a Colombo 3 on its way a bit later, but so far, haven’t got an image for that.

  3. I’ll keep my eyes peeled then – the orange Colombo 2 is very very nice. It actually reminds me of the classic “Grillo” phone by Sapper and Zanuso, which I think was the invention of the clamshell phone decades before mobiles were even invented!

  4. We’re currently updating our site with some of our new products, including the Colombo range. The update should be online within a week or so.
    We’d like to thank you for your interest; please check back soon!

  5. Hi, i´m looking for the Colombo two for a birthdaygift and i´ve found it anywhere to buy.
    Can everyone tell me, where i can buy this phone?
    (i´m from Germany)
    Thank you very much!

  6. Selfridges telephone number is 0800 123 400
    (international callers should dial +44 113 369 8040)
    Selfridges are still waiting delivery…should arrive any day now.

  7. Check the site later day, I’ll have details of buying online (and not from Selfridges). Contrary to home/design magazine propaganda, this phone isn’t exclusive to Selfridges.

  8. Nice looking phone, but poor quality and poor user interface… have also had some strange issues where I had to remove the batteries to get the phone back to normal.

  9. I took the phone offhook and got the message “warning battery”. I just purchased the unit two days ago. Does this mean the batteries or phone are defective?

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