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Reader request: 1960 Italian trainers

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This is a request for help from one of our regular readers – and hopefully you can help out, as we’re stumped. The request is below, if you can help out, please leave your comment below this post:

I met an Italian today who had the coolest sneakers on. They were serafini 1960. I think they were serafini or something similar (serafino serefini ???) and they are reproductions of 1960 shoe design. He said they were sold only in Italy? They were VERY cool but I can’t find them on the web.

They were brown with the Italian flag colors forming a stripe on the side and on the tongue of the shoe was serafino 1960 with olympic rings in the Italian colors.


Can you help? Please let us know below.

4 thoughts on “Reader request: 1960 Italian trainers

  1. yup. i´m the lucky guy who has these sneakers. they´re brown with italian stripes – name of the sneaker “cortina”. company name serafini.
    i bought them in tuscany and also want some backup pairs – problem: they are only available in italy.

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