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Blofeld 60s style leather chaise longue


In the James Bond films the bad guys always had the best lairs, and the most stylish furniture. We have featured Blofeld’s lair here on Retro to Go, but how about re-creating some of that style in your own home. Well if you buy this Blofeld chaise longue from Contempouk you can relax in super villain style.

The chaise longue comes in red, black or white, and is a fully adjustable single relaxer. Hand made in the finest Italian leather with built-in height, and angle adjustable headrest to ensure you can relax in comfort, while you plan your world domination.

The great thing about this is the price, at the moment it is on offer for only £487, reduced from £778. Which means you won’t need to hold the world to ransom to afford one.

Find out more on the Contempouk website

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