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Adidas Airline Vintage bag

Another bag plundered from a company archive, this time the Adidas Airline Vintage bag.

It’s based on an original from the late 70s in a brown colour scheme, with an adjustable shoulder strap, a padded area for your vulnerable items and various pockets for the rest.

You can pick one up online for around £35.

Find out more at the Schuh website

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  • Tez

    Where can you get these from? Can’t find them anywhere. I want one in white/navy.

  • anthony henderson

    i also want one in navy/white. where can i get one from?

  • Kammy

    U can get 1 frm footlocker 4 £6 if ur quick on clearense.

  • Juliet Davis

    I can not find the black and gold adidas airline vintage bag that is pictured above. Please can you tell me where to get one?

  • Coxy

    la redoute do some, search on google to find their shop.

  • Fred
  • dreas

    Just bought one today navy, with yellow writing it looks so dammn good… pretty expensive though got it for $70.00 (AUD) then, i saw the same one for $80.00 in another store that same day, lucky i got it for cheaper. I feel like collecting all the different types of colours but that would be crazy hehehe…

  • sonny

    where can i find this particular 1 in this colour because i can only find two brown & blue and black & white

  • claudia

    i c want the same bag but in black and gold or the one above where can i get it online or even a shop help me otherwise there gonna run out

  • Michelle

    Hi, I live in the UK and I can’t one of these bags anywhere. Schuh and Footlocker dont sell them. Amy sites or shops that you could recommend?

  • Adey N Kelly

    Hi ,,
    Where Can You Get This Bag Please Help

  • katie

    hi can anyone tell me where i can get the bag what is in the picture above please. i cant find it anywere. please help x

  • For what it’s worth (I see it’s already quite an old article), the Adidas Vintage airliners are available from
    Good luck searching!

  • Starlett

    I need this bag – Adidas Ailine- in bag! I’ve been lookin for it since week, but can’t find it… NEED HELP!

  • deboraah

    where can u get this one i really want it!! i looked everywhere but cant find it anywhere plese help!! 😛

  • Nat

    where can i get one of these bags but in white/gold please. thank u

  • thea

    Where can i get that bag from??

  • Robert

    you can order all colors @

  • i want one of these in black and baby blue, any ideas where i can find one?

  • katie williams

    u can find dem on footlooker nd jddddddddddd i really want one in …………………