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Ikea’s Karlstad retro armchair

Ikea_orange Looking at Ikea’s Karlstad retro armchair in the orange colour choice, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a design straight out of a late 60s home interiors catalogue.

It’s a large swivel armchair, very much in Bond villain territory, made from moulded, high-resilient polyurethane foam to create and maintain the rounded shape. It’s also adjustable via a lever under the seat and covered in a dirt-repellent wool fabric.

Designed by Henrik Preutz and also available in grey, you can pick one up in your local Ikea, priced at £245.

Find out more at the Ikea website

5 thoughts on “Ikea’s Karlstad retro armchair

  1. I really love the chair.So I bought one and found out I am allergic to wool.Please make the chair in some other material.

  2. It was l.a.f.s!! that means love at first sight.Imagine the tragedy when I found out I am allergic to wool it’s covered with.please do something someone…

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