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Marc Jacobs for Pan Am retro travel bag


An old bag made more fashionable? Or a classic bag ruined? Well, I’m guessing opinion is split on this Marc Jacobs for Pan Am retro travel bag.

On the one side, it looks like a classic Pan Am weekend-style bag, with that typical white on blue colour scheme, as well as a double zip and hand strap. But that Marc Jacobs signature? That’s going to have you reaching for your wallet or running a mile!

Only available in limited quantities, you can pick it up for $149 (around £75).

Find out more at the Brands Boutique website

3 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs for Pan Am retro travel bag

  1. I found this is blue and white at the Marc Jacobs accesory store in the Village in NYC for $60 !
    Also in person the Blue version looks a bit gym bag-like so I went with the white version.

  2. Yes, they cost less at a MJ store but how many of us live near a MJ store? I called MJ and they are charging $50to ship one bag, and they cost about $68, not $60. They are selling on ebay for a lot more because it’s a limited edition and collector’s item. Anyway, I bought one at and was very happy with the service. They ship free for $200 orders so I ordered a few other MJ things, too. They have a ton of stuff. I like shopping online, it’s so easy and convenient. Saves me a ton of time! Thanks for the post.

  3. I seen areally cool white square pan am marc jacobs bag on ebay uk from a guy who bought it at an outlet village in washington state, im DYING to find the same bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bloody UK – I HATE IT, u guys get all the good stuff in the states!

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