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Sony goes space age with its first DAB radio – the XDR-C705


There’s a distinctly 70s space age look to Sony’s first-ever DAB radio – the XDR-C705.

Rubbish name, but a nice bit of technology. Not just a DAB radio, it offers DAB and FM reception a large LCD screen for all the radio information and indeed the time – because this is also an alarm clock with various settings.

Completing things is a large black speaker on the front and the price tag – which is around £60. It’s available now.

Find out more at the Sony website

  • Leah

    For those of us on the other side of the ocean…what’s DAB??

  • David Walker

    It’s digital radio in the UK. More stations in better quality, with information available alongside the music. I’m guessing there’s an equivalent with a different name in other countries!

  • Amalie Bee

    ‘Sony’s first-ever DAB radio’
    Surely it’s not their first-ever? They’ve got a few out?

  • David Walker

    I don’t think they have got a standalone DAB radio out. According to their press office, this is the first one. But I’m happy to stand corrected. 😉
    Guessing it’s not something they’ve bothered much with, as it isn’t a gadget they can sell worldwide.

  • Mark Rich

    They’ve had a few DAB radios out. I almost bought one a few years back but took one of Pure Digital’s instead.
    I might be interested in one of these for the bedroom where the existing clock-radio is almost on the way out.
    By the way DAB isn’t exclusive to UK. It’s used in most of the world except the US where although technically sucessful in trials fell down due to transmitter sharing among othe things. It’s available in Canada coast to coast as a interesting fact.