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Vintage 1950s dresses from Devoted 2 Vintage

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01110Since the surge of retro clothing on our highstreets, the designs have branched out a little from the swathes of ’60s shift dresses.

The flavour of the month seems to be the ’40s-inspired tea dress, but for my money there’s nothing like the girlish glamour of the fifties for dressing up. This day dress from Devoted 2 Vintage‘s impressive collective is a really sweet example.

At just £38, you can steer clear of the fashion clichés with bags of style.

Find out more at the Devoted 2 Vintage website

One thought on “Vintage 1950s dresses from Devoted 2 Vintage

  1. Over the last decade the environment has been raised to the top of the political agenda. People have become very aware of the impact they make on the future of the planet.
    This has resulted in a large increase in recycling, with everyone doing their bit to reduce their environmental impact.
    However, counter to this the recent growth in demand for cheap, disposable Fast Fashion over the last few years has simply added to the problem. This industry produces vast amounts of poor quality clothing, often manufactured in terrible conditions in developing countries.
    More and more people are discovering that Vintage clothing not only provides an eco friendly alternative but also provides them with unique, superior quality clothing at fantastic prices.
    The fashion industry has always been inspired by previous trends and today is no different. Pick up any fashion magazine and you will see modern clothes based on designs from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. However, buying modern fashion not only has a significant environmental impact but there is a good chance that you will meet someone else wearing exactly the same item.
    Vintage clothing offers the buyer the chance to express their individuality. Not only will they be buying clothes that nobody else will be wearing, but they are buying a piece of history that has stood the test of time because of the quality of the construction and fabric.
    Devoted 2 Vintage was created to bring a huge and diverse range of vintage clothing to the market. They don’t deal in museum pieces, instead they hand-pick wearable items for all occasions.
    Whether you are a woman looking for 1950s rock and roll swing dresses, revived by the recent Hairspray movie, classic 1960s mod and shift dresses , 1970s disco era dress or
    men looking for fantastic 1950s leather biker jackets, 1950s American bowling and Hawaiian shirts or original 1970s disco shirts Devoted 2 Vintage will be able to help.
    So next time you go shopping, think green and consider Vintage Clothing.

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