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Alstermo Bruk Atlas – vintage-style luggage range


When I think of luggage with retro looks, I always think first of Globetrotter. But there are other options – like the Alstermo Bruk Atlas range.

Alstermo Bruk has been making and selling luggage with its patented Amo-fiber (for strength without weight) since 1895, with the Alstermo Atlas range offering those vintage looks, handmade production, a wood frame, numbered brass plate, cloth lining and leather trimming.

Take your pick from a variety of colours ranging from the conservative to the bold, with cases ranging from an attaché through to a large suitcase with wheels. Prices start at 325 Euros per piece – expensive, but likely to be the only luggage you’ll never need to buy.

Find out more at the Alstermo Bruk website

And thanks to Andre for the tip off!

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