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Superieur TBL – space age coffee table


Not just a modern design, a space age one – the Superieur TBL coffee table.

Also known as the ‘UFO’ table (because of its 1970s sci-fi looks), the TBL is good for indoor or outdoor use, thanks to its fibreglass construction. There’s also a satin white lacquer finish and tinted grey glass resting on the top.

It retails for $4,500 (around £2,250). I’ve hunted round for a European retailer, so far without success – but if you have money to spare, you could contact the US retailer below for worldwide shipping.

Find out more at the Generate website

  • Murray

    This coffee table is featured in L’Utopie de Toute Plastique – the space age plastics reference bible – but is cited as maker unknown. Do you know whether Superieur were the original designers of it?

  • David Walker

    I’m pretty certain they were, but happy to be corrected if it’s not the case.

  • maria

    I’ve got the Superieur TBL coffee table for sale, maybe you are interested?
    I’ m from the Netherlands.