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iameco offers polished wood PC to match your vintage sideboard


Computers certainly aren’t as ugly as they were a few years back, but still rarely fit in with a room full of classic or vintage design. Saying that, the iameco Sarah PC makes a valiant effort.

Using a polished dark wood finish (in this case ebony) and some glass for effect, it would sit perfectly on the Merrow Associates desk we featured a while back or indeed, next to your vintage sideboard.

Not only do you get the looks, you also get a decent computer too, with an Intel Core Duo Processor, DVD writer, 400GB hard drive, 2GB of memory, TV card, Windows XP or Vista and – wait for it – a wooden keyboard and mouse. If you want one, the Sarah is available online, priced at around 1,000 Euros.

Find out more at the iameco website

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