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Timex goes retro with newly-launched Timex 80 digital watch

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Timex has been around since the 1950s – in fact, by the end of the 50s, one in three watches bought in the US was a Timex. And the company is still making them, including the distinctly retro Timex 80.

Take your pick from blue, yellow, white, pink, black, orange or army green or if you want to go slightly more high-end (and much more 80s), you can also pick up a metallic version in silver and gold.

All pack basic digital functionality and come in an 80s-style box, selling for 45 Euros (plastic) or 55 Euros (metal) at Colette. If you want to wait for a UK distributor, Oki-Ni will be selling them from July.

Find out more at the Colette website

2 thoughts on “Timex goes retro with newly-launched Timex 80 digital watch

  1. I really do like my Timex watches, but giving credit where it’s due, Casio has never stopped making their retro digital watches from the 1980’s, like the A158W and F28W, which represent a better value because they are very well made and are priced much better than these Timex watches at less than half the price.

  2. I actually saw one of these watches going for £65, and it looked even cheaper than these ones. Timex should be hung by the ball’s trying to sell something for that much when 10 years ago you could get one for a fraction of the price.

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