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Buildings of Disaster: The Dakota Building

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This has to be one of the strangest items I’ve seen in quite some time. It is a model of the Dakota Building, with the date that made it notorious inscribed on the bottom. That date being, of course, the assassination of John Lennon (the building’s exterior was also used in Rosemary’s Baby, but that isn’t the disaster to which it refers).

It is one of a series entitled “Buildings of Disaster” with others in the collection including the Texas Book Depository, Watergate and Chernobyl. The art project itself aimed to look at how disasters change our perceptions of famous landmarks or unremarkable architecture, which is an interesting idea, but perhaps buying one for your home is a little morbid.

Still, if you fancy a replica Dakota Building, you can buy one for $110 (approximately £56) from Moss. They are Limited Edition, although I’m not sure demand will be that high.

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