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Olivetti MS 25 manual typewriter


We’ve banged on about the Olivetti Valentine in the past, but even the company’s more basic typewriters are pretty stylish – and still in production. Like the Olivetti MS 25 manual typewriter for example.

The MS 25 offers you software/power-free typing and that reassuring ‘click’ every time you hit a key. On the downside, one false click and you’ll be reaching for the Tipp-ex. Emailing your document will probably require the aid of a scanner. Feature highlights include 49 keys with 86 symbols, Margin Stop with 8 Stop Tab keys, Space Bar with Repeater key, Variable Line Space, Paper and Carriage Release Lever, Ribbon Color Selector Switch and of course, that lid/carry case housing for the jet set author.

All of which will cost you $140 online (around £70) from the US version of Urban Outfitters. Doesn’t look like the UK version has it, but I’m sure a web search will dig one up in the UK somewhere.

Find out more at the Urban Outfitters website

One thought on “Olivetti MS 25 manual typewriter

  1. A interesting fact to note about tyepwriters is that Tom Hanks the actor collects them, he talked about it at length on the Jonathon Ross show. Such a cool site, I look forward to my next email from Retro To Go appearing in my inbox.

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