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Collective Disorder – vintage trainer collector’s nirvana

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If you fancy shifting your trainer buying hobby from pastime to obsession, the Collective Disorder book should be an essential first purchase.

Produced by Soleseek, this luxurious limited edition book is about trainers – and nothing else. In fact, there aren’t any opinions or witty one-liners, it’s just packed full of images of vintage and deadstock trainers. A full-colour wish list if you like.

There’s 280+ pages of classic and rare trainers, with stylish hardback and box/sleeve to keep it in one piece. And that’s something you’ll need to do – just 100 of these being made, so certain to be a collector’s item itself, the book sells online for £29.95 plus postage. See an image of the packaging over the page.

Find out more at the Soleseek website


3 thoughts on “Collective Disorder – vintage trainer collector’s nirvana

  1. Am I right to be sceptical about the 100 print run ? At a retail price of £29.95 te enterprise is worth £3000. In commercial terms this seems like a lot of trouble to go to for little return. Surely there are more than 100 of the books ?

  2. It’s a fair point, but it is advertised as a 100 run and that’s it.
    It could be a book produced for love, not money. I know that’s a tough thing to comprehend in 2008, but it could be? 😉

  3. Hi, B from Soleseek here ;0)
    it is indeed a labour of love ( took nigh on 4 years ) and for the moment and in this format it is indeed limited to 100…
    but who knows what the future brings

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