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eBay watch: Moller International M200x – a real space age flying car


Like many people, I was constantly sold the idea of a flying car as a child – fully expecting it to be reality by the time I hit driving age. Well, amazingly, this actually happened.

May I present the Moller International M200x – an original flying car. Looking every bit the 60s-style Jetsons vehicle, the M200x was actually created back in 1989 and has since completed over 200 flights from a vertical take-off – and no pilot training is required to fly it. It fits two people, with an advanced (at the time) computer system keeping things level and stable, producing a ride ‘like a magic carpet’ apparently.

Four days to go if you want one, with the price currently hovering around the $18,000 mark. And don’t forget shipping from California.

Find out more at the eBay website