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eBay watch: Moller International M200x – a real space age flying car

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Like many people, I was constantly sold the idea of a flying car as a child – fully expecting it to be reality by the time I hit driving age. Well, amazingly, this actually happened.

May I present the Moller International M200x – an original flying car. Looking every bit the 60s-style Jetsons vehicle, the M200x was actually created back in 1989 and has since completed over 200 flights from a vertical take-off – and no pilot training is required to fly it. It fits two people, with an advanced (at the time) computer system keeping things level and stable, producing a ride ‘like a magic carpet’ apparently.

Four days to go if you want one, with the price currently hovering around the $18,000 mark. And don’t forget shipping from California.

Find out more at the eBay website

One thought on “eBay watch: Moller International M200x – a real space age flying car

  1. And the pic shows about how high and how far you can go with it.
    The “200 flights” in 20 years are nothing more than up & down.
    It’s virtually uncontrollable in forward flight.

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